WellSaidInc, founded in 1994, is a sole proprietor, woman-owned business that designs and delivers training, documentation, and customer education materials on a wide range of subjects in various media formats.

Recent clients include software, education, medical, governmental, and consulting organizations.

Some musings on communication in general and writing in particular:

  • I like writing, especially when it's finished. Unfortunately, writing is never really finished. It can almost always get simpler.
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  • Communication is about translating information from the ones who know to the ones who want to know. Demystifying is fun.
  • My favorite part of every project is the learners' "aha" moment – when they look up and ask if what they just heard is really all there is to know. Getting this satisfaction from elearning is more challenging. Post-delivery focus groups and support calls are really for me, so I can still get the "aha" stories.
  • People learn best from patterned information. Learners following patterns can focus on content because it organization is predictable. This idea is not a restatement of Wilde's comment that "consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds;" rather, it's a belief that most learners make better use of information that's organized into consistent, predictable chunks.
  • To be a technology writer, or perhaps any kind of writer, you must be willing to be an eternal beginner. This is harder than it sounds.
  • If you're schooled by nuns who make you diagram sentences at an early age, you will inevitably grow up into a grammar curmudgeon. Some early learning never fades.

If you have opinions on training, writing, editing, or learning that you want to share, please feel free to contact WellSaidInc.

Link to printable PDF of Bonnie's resume

Most WellSaidInc projects follow a general 4-step process:

Define a change

  • What does the client need to accomplish?

Design a solution

  • Given client goals, plan product deliverables to meet goals
  • Develop samples of each deliverable
  • Test with pilot client groups and evolve as necessary

Deliver the solution

  • Develop complete deliverable set
  • Incorporate client feedback early and often

Decide if it worked

  • Evaluate project for successes and concerns immediately after delivery
  • Evaluate again ~3 months post-delivery

Within this very general framework, WellSaidInc applies only as much process as your project needs. For example, editing a set of white papers might require a quick discussion on style, intended audience, and expected delivery dates. Developing a large cross-organization training initiative requires more definition and planning time.

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